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IEC Zinc EMT Coupling

Material : Zinc die cast

Surface Finish : Polishing

Type : Set screw type

ELECMAN ® IEC Zinc EMT Coupling

PRODUCT: IEC Zinc EMT Coupling

MATERIAL: Zinc die cast

TYPE: Set screw type



IEC zinc EMT connectors set screw type are used to economically bond IEC EMT conduit to a box or enclosure in dry locations


·Rugged metallic construction provides mechanical protection for the receway
·Provide concrete-tight connections when taped
·Suitable for applications above 600v
·Manufactured in accordance with IEC61386-21  


CAT#Trade size
LCOP1616 mm
LCOP2020 mm
LCOP2525 mm
LCOP3232 mm
LCOP4040 mm
LCOP5050 mm


INTERNAL PACKING: Small carton box or self sealing plastic bag 
EXTERNAL PACKING: Corrugated Carton