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BS4568/EN 61386 Class 4 Conduit

Material : Steel

Surface Finish : Hot dipped galvanized

Type : Class 4

ELECMAN® BS4568/EN 61386 class 4 conduit

ELECMAN® BS4568/EN 61386 class 4 conduit is usually used in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings to be installed indoors and outdoors to protect wires and cables.

Cat.#Nominal SizeOutside Diameter (mm)Wall thickness            (mm)Length                       (m)Thread length (mm)
BS44012019.7020.001.6 ± 0.153.7513.015.0
BS44022524.6025.001.6 ± 0.153.7516.018.0
BS44033231.6032.001.6 ± 0.153.7518.020.0
BS44044039.5040.001.6 ± 0.153.7519.020.0
BS44055049.5050.001.6 ± 0.153.7519.020.0

·Hot dipped galvanized inside and out to class4

·Surface treatment is smooth, have good resistant to corrosion

·Threaded at both ends

·Each length supplied with one coupler and one plastic thread protector cap

·Available in 20mm to 50mm diameter and 3.75m length

·Manufactured in accordance with BS4568