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BS PVC Coated Flexible Steel Conduit

Material : PVC & Steel

Surface Finish : Pre-galvanized

Type : PVC coated

ELECMAN® BS PVC coated flexible steel conduit

ELECMAN® BS PVC coated flexible steel conduit is used for the protection of electric wire/cable and other related products. It also can solve the problem of construction of angle that the rigid pipes (such as steel pipes, PVC pipe...) can not overcome and then becomes easily in the installation and operation of wires/pipes, as well as flame retardant, vibration-proof, anti-interference, etc.

Cat.#Trade Size O.D.Length Per Roll

·Galvanized steel core.

·Square-locked construction.Liquid-tight, oil-resistant, flame retardant, oil and sunlight resistant.

·Temperature rating: -20°C ~ +70°C.

·Light, excellent flexibility and liquid-tightness.

·For mass production equipment, machine tools.

·For places where wires need to be away from water, oil, gas or dusts and require flexibility.

·For all kinds of industrial or commercial applications.

·Third party testing: BSI test approval under BS EN 61386.