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IEC Conduit Bender

Material : Malleable iron & steel

Surface Finish : Powder coated

Type : For IEC 16mm,20mm,25mm&32mm conduit

ELECMAN® IEC Conduit bender

Material: meallable iron 

Type: for IEC 16mm,20mm,25mm&32mm conduit


ELECMAN® IEC Conduit bender is designed to bend IEC 61386-21 16mm,20mm,25mm&32mm conduit.


·Ductile iron construction for added durability.

·Heat-treated for extra strength — reinforced at stress points for longer life.

·Markings are raised and cast into bender body on both sides for easy visibility.

·Grooved internal hook surface helps prevent conduit from slipping.

·Flat hook surface provides stable starting point.

CAT#Conduit  Size
ELM2520mm, 25mm
ELM3220mm, 25 mm, 32mm