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IEC 61386 EMT Conduit

Material : Steel

Surface Finish : Pre-galvanized

Type : Unthreaded

ELECMAN®IEC 61386-21 EMT Conduit

ELECMAN® IEC EMT conduit is manufactured in accordance with the IEC 61386 ( conduit systems for cable management )  , which is unthreaded and nominally 3 meter long.

ELECMAN® IEC EMT is available in trade sizes 16mm through 110mm, The outside is galvanized for corrosion protection and the inside has an approved corrosion-resistant organic coating.


ELECMAN® IEC EMT is a tube used to protect and route electrical wiring IEC EMT conduit in a building or structure


·IEC standard for Electrical Metallic tubing - steel
·Compliance with Chile SEC certification
·International electrotechnical commission ( IEC )
·Manufactured in accordance with IEC61386-21

Trade sizeO.DThickness Length  
16160.90 3
20201.20 3
25251.20 3
32321.40 3
40401.40 3
50501.40 3

Other names: IEC 61386 Conduit for Chile, IEC Conduit, IEC 61386 Standard conduit, IEC standard conduit , IEC 61386 -21 conduit.

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