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ELECMAN  always insit prtofessional and sinere ,create more value for customers ,our greatest achievement is to satisfy our customers ,no matter about what questions or needs ,check following diffferent departments and end us meassage,let us provide you our professional service

service and support

Business Service

If you have any questions about starting to cooperate with us,our different teams are available to provide the price ,market advice,also products information to build the purchasing plan,when you are cooperating with us ,you can check the production progress ,delivery time,shipment tracking .

In order to get your answer quickly,please fill out the following form,you will get our reply ass soon as possible.

Price demand
Purchasing suggestion
Delivery time inquiry
Packing information
Manufacturing schedule
Technical Service

When you have any technical or installation questions about our products,or questions aboout what type comduite or fittings are selected to use in different environment,check the certification we have .and support your company to obtain the certification your market requires.

In order to solve your technical problens quickly ,please fill out the following form,we will  get back to you as soon as possible.

Technical parameters
Products certification
Type selection & replacement
Installation support
our greatest achievement is to satisfy our gustomers