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IEC 61386 Rigid Metallic Tube

Material : Steel

Surface Finish : Hot dipped galvanized

Type : Threaded

ELECMAN ® IEC 61386-21 Rigid Metallic Tube

ELECMAN® IEC Rigid metallic tube is manufactured in accordance with the IEC 61386-21, which is thick enough to allow it to be threaded, its common applications are in commercial and industrial construction.IEC standard Rigid metallic tube is available in trade sizes 20mm through 110mm.

ELECMAN® IEC Rigid metallic tube is hot-dipped galvanized on both external and internal.

ELECMAN® IEC Rigid metallic tube is a tube used to protect and route electrical wiring in a building or structure.                                                                                                        

ELECMAN ® Rigid metallic tube is manufactured according to: International Electrotechnical Commission .-IEC 61386 ( conduit systems for cable management )
·SEC standard for rigid metallic tube - steel
·Party 21 : Particular requirements - Rigid conduit systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

ELECMAN ® Rigid metallic tube is listed to Chile SEC Safety Standard and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61386 - 21. details shall accord with following table.


·Compliance with SEC certification
·International electrotechnical commission ( IEC )
·Manufactured in accordance with IEC61386-21    
·Threaded ends ( METRIC ) - IE 60423

CAT #Trade sizeO.DThickness A Thickness BLength  
RGD2020201.60 2.50 3
RGD2525251.60 2.50 3
RGD3232321.60 3.00 3
RGD4040401.80 3.25 3
RGD5050502.00 3.25 3

Other names: IEC rigid conduit for Chile, IEC rigid steel conduit, IEC 61386 Rigid conduit, IEC 61386-21 rigid conduit, IEC Standard rigid conduit.

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