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BS4568 Conduit Bender Shelf Type

Material : Aluminum die cast & steel

Surface Finish : Power coated

Type : for BS 20mm,25mm&32mm conduit

ELECMAN® BS4568 Conduit Bender Shelf Type 

Material: aluminum die cast & steel 

Type: for BS 20mm,25mm&32mm conduit


ELECMAN® BS4568 Conduit Bender Shelf Type is designed to bend BS4568 20mm,25mm&32mm conduit.


·Save electricians time and money

·Dual 20/25mm former, rollers and hook stop to prevent lost tooling

·The rotating former with pre-determined angles gives easy quick   installations

·The formers are machined cast aluminium to provide superior accuracy  and performance

·Complete with in-built carrying handle

Cat.#Conduit Size
ELM2520mm, 25mm
ELM3220mm, 25mm, 32mm

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