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Form 7 Threaded LL Conduit Body

Material : Gray iron

Surface Finish : Zinc plated,Aluminum enameled,Hot dip galvanized

Type : Threaded LL type

ELECMAN ® Form 7 Threaded LL Conduit Bodies 

MATERIAL: Gray iron 

TYPE: Threaded LL type


• UL Standard 514A 

• Fed.Spec. W-C-586D 



Form 7 gray iron conduit bodies are used in conduit systems to: 

• Serve  as  pulling  fittings. 

• Make  bends  in  conduit  system. 

• Provide  openings  for  splicing.

• Connect  and  change  direction  of  conduit  runs. 

• Allow  connections  for  branch  runs. 

• Permit  access  to  conductors  for  maintenance.

form 7 condulet.jpg


• Smooth, rounded integral bushings in hubs protect conductor insulation. 

• Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and excellent ground continuity. 

• Gray iron bodies with cast covers and gasket are suitable for use in wet   locations. 

• Unique clip cover design allows easy removal at any later time, without damaging the conduit body, the cover is secured with clips, not screws. 

• Flat back design provides greater cubic content for easier wire pulling, and more room for splicing, Fits flush and snug against flat surfaces for more stable installation. 

• Smooth hub bushings and cover openings protect conductor insulation. Smooth hub openings  allow easy conduit joining. 

• Pan-head cover screws secure cover clips and provide superior screwdriver seating and torque. Cover screws and clips are captive to prevent loss. 

• Hub size (inches), body style, compliance data, maximum wire number/size  and cubic capacity molded into body.

FORM 7 LL.png


External packing: Corrugated carton

Other names: Condulet form 7, form 7 conduit outlet bodies, form 7 conduit body, China form 7 condulet.