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Saddle Type Connectors for Non-Metallic AC(BX) or MC

Material : Zinc die cast

Surface Finish : Polishing

Type : One screw type

ELECMAN ® Saddle Type Connectors for Non-Metallic AC(BX) or MC

PRODUCT: Duplex connector

MATERIAL: Zinc die cast

TYPE: One Screw, Saddle



  • Used to connect two pieces of Non-Metallic, Armored or Metal Clad cable to  to a 1/2" knock-out in a steel box, load center or other metal enclosure.

  • Used to connect steel or aluminum FMC, AC and MC cables and aluminum MCC and MCI-A cable to box or enclosure.

  • For use in dry locations only.



  • Includes one Tri-Combination head set screw applicable with Slotted, Phillips, and Square-Recess screwdrivers.

  • Part Number 23705 includes Zinc Plated Steel Saddle.

Cat.#Trade Size
ACMC0383/8" (1/2" KO)



INTERNAL PACKING: Small carton box or self sealing plastic bag 
EXTERNAL PACKING: Corrugated Carton