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Split Bolt Connectors-With extra stud

Material : Cooper alloy

Surface Finish :

Type : With extra stud

ELECMAN ® Split Bolt Connectors-With extra stud

PRODUCT: Split Bolt Connector

MATERIAL: Cooper alloy

TYPE: With extra stud



ELECMAN®Split bolt connectors with extra stud are used for copper and copperweld wire and rebar connections. the conductor types inculde: solid, compact, compressed, concentric. also for grounding of steel structures, fence posts and tapping cables from bus bar.


·Manufactured from high strength copper alloy
·Electro-tin plated pressure bar and hex style head
·Provide high contact pressure between conductors
·Highly resistant to corrosion and cracking
·Suitable for direct burial


Cat.# Conductor RangeCorredera Wire Diameter Range
SBCD-88 - 67/32"0.129 - 0.184
SBCD-66 - 31/4"0.162 - 0.260
SBCD-33 - 25/16"0.229 - 0.291
SBCD-22 - 1/03/8"0.258 - 0.367
Note: For the size of all wires, if there is no special explanation   , all are American Wire Gauge (AWG)



INTERNAL PACKING: Small carton box or self sealing plastic bag 
EXTERNAL PACKING: Corrugated Carton