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Reduce Wall Steel Flexible Conduit

Material : Galvanized steel

Surface Finish : Galvanized

Type : JSU

ELECMAN ®Reduce Wall Steel Flexible Conduit

PRODUCT: Flexible metal conduit





  • Under Flower Wiring & office Block

  • Areas subject to heat and sparks (foundries, welding, etc)

  • Used as mechanical protection for insulated electrical cables and wires that are functional in normal atmospheric temperature.

  • Under floor applications for computer/floor boxes

  • For furnace/oven applications

  • Used for connecting machines to controls Elevator, Metro Stations, CCTV Camera etc.


  • High mechanical strength.

  • IP rating: IP40 with standard fittings.

  • Inherent low fire hazard product.

  • National standard thickness of production, having super soft and excellent bending performance.

  • Internal smooth structure is very easy for the entry of wire and cable.

CAT #Trade SizeAcceptable I.D.Acceptable O.D.Bending RadiusLength
JSU-0383/8"9.50 15.60 51100
JSU-0501/2"15.80 23.40 7650
JSU-0753/4"20.60 28.10 10150
JSU-1001"25.40 35.10 12750
JSU-1251-1/4"31.80 41.40 16525
JSU-1501-1/2"38.10 49.53 19025
JSU-2002"50.80 62.23 25425
JSU-2502-1/2"63.50 77.72 31710
JSU-3003"76.20 90.42 38110
JSU-4004"101.60 115.82 50810
Notes:Length of roll can be made   according to customers' requirements.


Packing Information

For internal packing, flexible conduits are packed in rolls, 

For external packing, use good quality corrugated carton.